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Due Diligence

Qualified specialists of the Company Tiger Partners provide a safe service for collection of the reliable information about a partner or a planned transaction. Maximum safety is ensured by the fact that in the framework of the Due Diligence procedure, independent reports of the lawyers, auditors and financial analysts are reviewed:

  • we create a number of verifiable reports: operational, tax, financial, legal and marketing reports;
  • we identify the business risks, as well as the methods for their minimization;
  • we receive recommendations for improvement of the key business processes.

Due diligence procedure helps the clients:

  • upon acquisition of a new business, diversification, merging or acquisition of a company;
  • upon receipt of a credit or sponsorship loan;
  • upon litigation and seizure of assets;
  • in case of violation established in the framework of a tax audit;
  • upon the change of the management, reduction of efficiency or competitive positions in general.

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