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  • GDP: € 4,353 million
  • Population: 255 thousand people.
  • Portuguese
  • Euro (EUR)

Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal and is part of the EU as a particularly remote territory in which the Schengen Agreement is valid. It has the status of the economic zone with preferential taxation.

Various taxation privileges for international companies, customs privileges, privileges on duty-free import of raw materials and goods for the production of products, as well as privileges on the export of finished goods to the EU market are valid in this jurisdiction.

Owners of the companies in Madeira easily conduct international financial operations and have unhindered access to the import and export of goods and services to the European market. Madeira offers 50% subsidies for energy-saving technologies and staff training.

Low wages, developed banking, transport and production infrastructure make this jurisdiction attractive in the eyes of many investors.

Madeira is not included in any “black” list.

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