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  • GDP: $ 524,886 billion
  • Population: 38,171 million people
  • Polish, English, Russian, German
  • Polish Zloty (PLN)

Poland is not considered to be a “classic” offshore, but the registration and support of the company in this jurisdiction greatly simplifies the work with other companies in the territory of the EU. Excellent geographical location and low taxes allow organizing a profitable import or export of goods.

There are excellent prospects for obtainment of a residence permit and European citizenship.

There are no currency restrictions in Poland and, subject to conditions, there is an opportunity to finance an incorporated business from the external sources.

It is worth also mentioning also other advantages of jurisdiction, such as an inexpensive labor force, stable economy that successfully overcomes crises and has been developing for several decades, as well as more than 10 free economic zones. Investors who establish a company in one of the free economic zones receive tax privileges for 10 years.

Any business that is registered in this jurisdiction in accordance with the legislation and has an office in the country is automatically considered a tax resident.

There are no restrictions on the registration of the companies for foreign investors.

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