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Marshall Islands

  • GDP: $ 199,4 million
  • Population: 53 thousand people.
  • English, Marshall
  • US dollar (USD)

The Marshall Islands consist of 34 islands located in the central part of the North Atlantic Ocean. They are in a “free association” with the United States. A member of the UN, several Pacific communities and international organizations, as well as a member of the Asian Development Bank. The Marshall Islands have signed the Hague Convention. Offshore zone.

This jurisdiction is characterized by economic stability, low taxes or their absence, it is a tax optimization zone, and is characterized by the quick registration of the companies.

There are no reporting requirements, no minimum share capital, no exchange control in the Marshall Islands, and there is a close geographical location to the United States. The company’s account can be opened at any bank in the world, in turn, banking operations are not disclosed, and the information about the beneficiary is not stored in the register.

However, it is worth taking into account the fact that a company in the Marshall Islands cannot have commercial relations with the residents, own real estate or provide services to the resident companies.

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