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  • GDP: $ 30,319 billion
  • Population: 1,950 million people.
  • Latvian, Russian, English
  • Euro (EUR)

Latvian jurisdiction combines numerous advantages of attraction of foreign investments: “bridging” geographical position between the European Union, the USA and Asia, developed logistics infrastructure, free access to European markets, business connections with the CIS countries, as well as sustainable economic growth.

In 2017, the Latvian jurisdiction received an incentive from the World Bank for the ease of doing business (14th position out of 189).

Despite the changes in the legislation in recent years, the simplicity of obtainment of a residence permit for foreign investors remains in the Latvian jurisdiction.

Currently, there are 5 special economic zones in Latvia that provide tax privileges for investors.

Other advantages, such as one of the lowest income tax rates, extensive network of international investment agreements to avoid double taxation, membership in the EU, WTO, Schengen Agreement, three-tier judicial system, lack of currency control and high level of legal protection of investors (including commercial arbitration) should be also noted.

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