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Opening of a Bank Account (Private or Corporate)

The specialists of the Company Tiger Partners provide qualified support in opening of corporate and private accounts in foreign banks, taking into account the requirements of the clients. Currently, the service is available in more than 25 jurisdictions. In the framework of the provision of the service:

  • due diligence procedure is conducted, which includes the collection of the necessary information about the client and its business, the development of the package of financial and legal documents;
  • documents are provided to the bank either personally or remotely;
  • business correspondence is maintained or personal representation is provided;
  • all the additional information requested by the bank is provided.

The cost of opening of the account can vary, depending on the jurisdiction and requirements of the bank, but the specialists of the Company Tiger Partners provide a convenient, transparent and understandable approach for the client, not complicating the opening process with formal approvals and by working on the merits.

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